Astro Barelang Trip Day 2

We attended a lesson on radios and how to draw ray diagrams and how it can be used in telescopes. We also watched the dipole radio being set up and the data being logged into a software.                                                                                                       

Then, we watched The Martian, which was about a man trapped on Mars and how he survives.  We also went fox hunting, but this time I was the hunter. I had troubles locating the transmitter as the signal was either too consistent or too inconsistent.                                                 
After fox hunting, we set up the Powerseeker and took pictures of ourselves.

I think the fox hunting problem was due to the signal reflecting off the walls, so we did not know where the signal truly came from. I learnt how the principles of ray diagrams, optics and lenses can be applied to making a telescope. I can better understand how telescopes and other equipments that use rays work.


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